Simpler – Tokara Wine Estate, 2020

In a year that has given us so much to think about in the way we live our lives, time spent on various activities and mental states, Julia Meintjes Fine Art exhibition, Simpler, is a smaller group exhibition than usual, showcasing a ‘quieter’ group of works.
The exhibition draws links between our 0.45mm wire woven Threads of Africa bowls and bangles, and other pieces in the exhibition; Hanien Condradie‘s small 18 x 18 cm landscape entitled Untitled (abstract in khaki drill, khaki green and red), which incorporates oil paint and organic matter in its making, Regi Bardavid’s Abstract – A sunset in Africa, a deeply red and orange oil painting which we have hung beside our Threads of Africa bowls, mimicking the red of the coppers the bowls are woven in. The exhibition is a musing on current times, a small breath, a few still moments and perhaps a request for the viewer to take a leap of imagination into both familiar and unknown landscapes.
Other artists in this show include Linga Diko, Robert Hodgins, Carla Liesching, Engelina September and Nicholas Hales, amongst others.