We give discreet and professional advice to collectors, both private and corporate. We help you to start, maintain and build your collection, or find one particular or select piece to suit your budget. We are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and work with clients in South Africa and abroad. We provide a friendly and accessible environment for artists and established collectors, as well as for those wanting to look at and learn about art.

Julia Meintjes Fine Art works from the collector’s perspective, rather than representing artists. We work directly with a broad range of artists, commercial galleries, museums and auction houses, amongst others, to procure, exhibit, evaluate or sell works.

Our knowledge extends primarily to contemporary and historical South African art, and increasingly we are connecting with our African continent. Art in Africa is made in traditional and new media, and artists are both self-taught and professionally-trained. We like to build connections for you, the collector/lover of art, between these diversities.