Objects, spaces and ideas in collaboration – A Duo

Using objects found in the real world is often a compelling way to challenge the conventionality of the surrounding environment. In their artistic practice, the creators of these two pieces do just that. Julia Rosa Clark transforms gallery walls, ceilings and floors with a multitude of everyday objects and paper cut-outs as a way of examining the information and emotional overload that the contemporary world imposes on all of us. While Wim Legrand transforms mundane commodities into playful and fantastical creations. Legrand’s dreamlike narratives give the viewer an infinity of interpretations.

Another aspect common to these two works of art is that they are both products of collaborations. Wim Legrand’s Trophy came about as part of Edition S, a collaborative project between Zhané Warren, and a different artist selected every year, whose identity is kept secret until the final piece is revealed. Whilst Julia Rosa Clark’s …but there is a storm blowing from paradise is a product of 50ty/50ty, a collection of screenprints created in collaboration between Black River Studios, led by master printmaker Wim Legrand and local artists, illustrators and designers.

At JMFA we believe that partnerships like these are the backbone of the art world.
If you wish to support living artists or are a new collector and do not know where to start, limited edition prints are an affordable way to own an original work of art.

(This week’s Duo chosen by Susana Pedro-Buschor.)

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Limited editions

Trophy 49/75

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