Curating and consulting services specialising in the field of South African art. We offer the following:

We provide discreet and professional advice to collectors, both private and corporate, helping them to start, maintain and build their collection. The company is based in Parktown North, Johannesburg, but handles work for clients all over South Africa. We provide a friendly and accessible environment for artists, collectors and art lovers alike.

Our knowledge extends to both contemporary and historical South African art and encompasses many different media. These include paintings, sculpture, ceramics, original graphics and other works on paper, as well as the work of indigenous artists crafting media such as pots, beadwork and wire.

1 / 4 Art at Tokara - Current Exhibition

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Well Bred
House and Leisure, January / February 2014

The Garden at Tokara: picture-perfect vineyards and spectacular South African art
House and Leisure, August 2013

Designing Ways
November 2013

Investing in art for your home
Real Estate Magazine, Issue 2, August 2013, 22-27

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